Ninja Slayer Kills (01-03) (2015-2016) (Digital) (XRA9)

Format : CBR/CBZ

Language : English

Description : Ninja Slayer Kills

In the cyberpunk metropolis of Neo Saitama, Kenji Fujikido is an average salaryman whose wife and children are suddenly assassinated. Tracking the murder back to a ninja, Fujikido trains to seek vengeance – initially on those who murdered his family, but ultimately on every ninja on the planet. He becomes the ‘Ninja Slayer’, a warrior obsessed with killing every last ninja to avenge his family.

Size : 405.5 MB

Ninja Slayer Kills 01 (2015) (Digital) (XRA9).cbr 133.8 MB
Ninja Slayer Kills 02 (2015) (Digital) (XRA9).cbr 145.1 MB
Ninja Slayer Kills 03 (2016) (Digital) (XRA9).cbr 126.6 MB

Download Link :


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