Psyren (v01-v16) (2011-2014) (Digital) (LostNerevarine-Empire)

Format : CBR/CBZ

Language : English

Description : English translation of the Japanese manga Sairen (-サイレン-).

Psyren v01: “Save me!” Those were Sakurako Amamiya’s last words to her friend Ageha Yoshina before she mysteriously went missing. Now Ageha’s on a quest to find her. He’s convinced that the mythical Psyren Secret Society has something to do with the recent rash of disappearances. And now he seems to be caught up as a player in their very deadly game…

Size : 3.68 GB

Psyren v01 (2011) (Digital) (LostNerevarine-Empire).cbz 241.5 MB
Psyren v02 (2012) (Digital) (LostNerevarine-Empire).cbz 242.2 MB
Psyren v03 (2012) (Digital) (LostNerevarine-Empire).cbz 96.3 MB
Psyren v04 (2012) (Digital) (LostNerevarine-Empire).cbz 279.0 MB
Psyren v05 (2012) (Digital) (LostNerevarine-Empire).cbz 114.9 MB
Psyren v06 (2012) (Digital) (LostNerevarine-Empire).cbz 110.9 MB
Psyren v07 (2012) (Digital) (LostNerevarine-Empire).cbz 116.1 MB
Psyren v08 (2013) (Digital) (LostNerevarine-Empire).cbz 109.2 MB
Psyren v09 (2013) (Digital) (LostNerevarine-Empire).cbz 291.1 MB
Psyren v10 (2013) (Digital) (LostNerevarine-Empire).cbz 281.42 MB
Psyren v11 (2013) (Digital) (LostNerevarine-Empire).cbz 285.2 MB
Psyren v12 (2013) (Digital) (LostNerevarine-Empire).cbz 304.4 MB
Psyren v13 (2013) (Digital) (LostNerevarine-Empire).cbz 293.9 MB
Psyren v14 (2014) (Digital) (LostNerevarine-Empire).cbz 305.6 MB
Psyren v15 (2014) (Digital) (LostNerevarine-Empire).cbz 325.5 MB
Psyren v16 (2014) (Digital) (LostNerevarine-Empire).cbz 373.3 MB

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