Mail v01-v03 (2006-2007) (Digital) (LostNerevarine-Empire)

Format : CBR/CBZ

Language : English

Description : English translation of the Japanese manga Mail.

Mail v01: Private detective Reiji Akiba has a theory about those awkward moments and weird coincidences we all encounter in life. They are actually encounters with the dead-their way of sending us a message. But you may not want to open such strange mail from beyond-not unless you can see the ghostly attachment, like Akiba can. And not unless you carry a gun that can kill what isn’t alive, like Akiba’s aptly named Kagutsuchi, “the tool between God and earth”… digging a divine grave to lay to rest the evil dead.

Volume 1 of Mail opens with a model’s photo shoot at what was a lovely riverside. But someone’s thrown their trash away here: human bones. When the negatives in the darkroom reveal hidden horror, it’s time for the magazine to hire Akiba. The answers lie in the secret basement of a shunned house… but they don’t lie peacefully!

Size : 261.7 MB

Mail v01 (2006) (Digital) (LostNerevarine-Empire).cbz 112.7 MB
Mail v02 (2007) (Digital) (LostNerevarine-Empire).cbz 74.5 MB
Mail v03 (2007) (Digital) (LostNerevarine-Empire).cbz 74.5 MB

Download Link :

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