Bloody Mary (v01-v02) (2015-2016) (Digital) (LostNerevarine-Empire)

Format : CBR/CBZ

Language : English

Description : English translation of the Japanese manga Bloody Mary (ブラッディ+メアリー).

Bloody Mary v01: “Bloody” Mary is not your typical vampire. He can withstand sunlight, holds a reflection in mirrors, refuses to drink blood—and wants 17-year-old student and priest Maria to kill him. But to Mary’s dismay, Maria doesn’t know how to kill vampires. Desperate to die, Mary agrees to become Maria’s bodyguard until Maria can find a way to kill him at last.

Size : 513.6 MB

Bloody Mary v01 (2015) (Digital) (LostNerevarine-Empire).cbz 247.1 MB
Bloody Mary v02 (2016) (Digital) (LostNerevarine-Empire).cbz 266.5 MB

Download Link :


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